OPTEX 5.5mm T2 LENS - ARRI PL mount, for super16mm & digital movie cameras

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OPTEX 5.5mm T2 LENS - ARRI PL mount, for super16mm & digital movie cameras
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OPTEX 5.5mm Super Cine lens in excellent used condition, NEAR MINT. Arri PL mount, standard pitch gearing on lens barrel for focus & iris, focus scale engraved in feet, iris scale calibrated in "T" stops.

Ultra wide-angle, super-sharp, with minimal distortion - the Optex lens has been favoured by cinematographers on countless music videos and is still stocked by most leading rental companies. Released in the 1990's, when it was the industry-standard to shoot all music videos and high-end TV drama on super16mm film. Very useful for tight spaces, creating dramatic low-angle shots, or capturing epic architecture & landscapes. An excellent addition to a set of S16mm primes (dramatically wider than the 9.5mm, which is usually the shortest focal length) or a wide-angle zoom (e.g. 8-64mm or 7-63mm).

This particular lens is in exceptionally good condition, almost as new. Owned by a professional cinematographer for over a decade & used on personal projects only. Therefore has had relatively light use in recent years, compared to rental company stock. Recently bench-tested (collimator, lens projector & camera body) & checks out fine. Good smooth mechanical action. Glass is near-perfect - no scratches, cleaning marks or signs of fungus. Iris blades are free from oil. There may be some tiny dust particles between internal elements, which should have no visible effect on photographed images.

Originally designed to cover super16mm negative, this lens should also cover MFT (micro 4/3) sensor digital cinema cameras, e.g. Blackmagic, Panasonic Lumix etc... or using the 2K sensor crop on Sony F55 / RED cameras (usual mode for ultra hi-speed shooting).

Included with the lens in this sale: foam-lined aluminium flight case (ideal for shipping, as well as professional use).

Technical specifications:
Max aperture: T1.9
CF: 8"
front diameter: 95mm

Note: Being a used item, the lens will be sold without guarantee.
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