Cooke Technovision Varotal Anamorphic Zoom 40-200mm T4.5

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Cooke Technovision Varotal Anamorphic Zoom 40-200mm T4.5


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Cooke Technovision Varotal Anamorphic Zoom 40-200mm T4.5 Beautiful looking Anamorphic zoom lens with the ability for minimum focus at 2'4 or 0.7 cm which makes it an incredible close focus lens. Great condition. Clean optics. Recently serviced. The weight is aprox 4.6 Kg. This spherical zoom base lens is a Cooke 20-100 with a Cineovision / Shiga rear Anamorphic adapter that doubles the focal length to 40-200mm Anamorphic at T4.5. PL Mount. Technovision attached the shiga anamorphic adapter to always be in place, so there is no need to recollimate or adjust. Technovision also redid the focus scale and iris to match the focal length of 40-200. Take a look at this lens test to see it's beauty as well as it's close focus ability: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kav7v3_znoI The lens is in great condition, recently by OPTIX 1 in LA. serviced the lens mechanically, lubbing and collimating as well as painting all the outside of the lens, so cosmetically is in top notch condition


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