Lensfinder FAQ

What is Lensfinder.com?

Lensfinder.com is a gear obsessed website for photographers and cinematographers to buy, sell and learn about new, used, vintage and boutique lenses, cameras, and filters.

We want buying and selling quality glass to be easy and affordable.

Great glass helps inspire great images and we look forward to serving this incredible community of creators by offering a place to get the tools for your next great project.

Are there fees to sell on Lensfinder.com?

None, nada, zilch, zed! LensFinder.com does not charge listing fees or any fees when you offer an item for sale or buy. We think selling gear should be fun and free*.

* standard PayPal fees do apply if you use PayPal checkout option built into our site (we are not THAT good). You are free to arrange payment with a buyer anyway you want.

What are your payment methods?

While LensFinder.com offers PayPal checkout, users can also arrange payment directly with the seller such as ACH and or meeting in a Home Depot parking lot with a bag of cash.

Does Lensfinder.com sell its own lenses, cameras and filters?

No, we are a lens marketplace that connects buyers and sellers. However, Lensfinder.com will VERIFY lenses for a fee (coming soon).

How do I know the seller is legit?

LensFinder.com recommends using identity checks offered by payment gateways such as PayPal. Also, using your dashboard allows you to message sellers for additional details and discussion.

We will try to help resolve any issues with either side of a transaction but LensFinder.com is not responsible for any part of the transaction (It's FREE remember?).

LensFinder.com offers a seller feedback system so buyers and sellers can rate each other on transactions. We encourage buyers and sellers to review feedback and check identity on social media or other online sources, especially when purchasing expensive items.

If you are REALLY nervous about buying that $1,850 set of Cooke S4's from Lord Falquad in Catmandu, do a little more homework.

Lensfinder.com also allows buyers and sellers to communicate via direct messages. As with all online purchases, we suggest asking questions if unsure!

What if I have a problem with my listing? Or just want to chat about gear...

Please email [email protected]